Firefly Symposium 2017- Firefly as your brand name survey poster

When you type search for the word ‘firefly’, you will find there are lots of companies or brands using the ‘firefly’ as a brand name. My curiosity is to find out why the use the ‘firefly’ instead of other insects or wildlife? And are these companies aware of the firefly is threatened now and whether they do any firefly conservation work and want to help in firefly conservation?

If you are interested, the pdf of the poster is attached.

MNS ff brandame survey Poster



  1. Thanks for sharing the Poster about Firefly brand names. As home of the annual Pennsylvania Firefly Festival (now in its 5th year), we have now dubbed The Black Caddis Ranch main lodge the Firefly B&B! We are keenly aware of the fireflies in our area and their significance to our forest community, ecology, economics and tourism. We felt using the “Firefly” in the name would help people searching on the web to find us. The irony is not lost on us.

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