Fireflies of Bukit Kiara #2

19 August 2017 (new moon day)

Distance thunder was heard as well as the fireworks from the SEA Games opening, it was after an evening rain, and the mist covered the Hill, ….

….notice the street light and the mist …..

I went up the hill with Koon Hup and grandson Marcus, who loves snakes. No we did not see any. The frogs were out croaking and it was pleasant to walk after the rain. There were only a few night joggers around.

We passed by a sweet smelling bush, Lonicera sp. or honey suckle. which only opens at night at certain hours, said Koon Hup. That was 9pm, so that is the timing, if you want to smell it.

Even though, the street lights were on, but we can still see the bright lights of the Petronas Twin Towers peeking through the canopy in the far distance.

The night glow was very bright due to the heavy clouds.


Some areas of the Road Trail have a more forested edge than others and since the road is winding, there are areas of shadowed area. Here the fireflies larvae were seen crawling around or stay stationery and adults flying around at the edge of the shadowed area.

That night we saw plenty of fireflies flying around glowing, but the glow was not constant all the time as the fireflies control the glow switched them on and off for unknown reasons. These were from the Lampyrinae sub family.





…they are very active flying around and this one was on my shirt….…….and this is their light organ, only one segment will be bright and the light looks like a bipartite light organ……

….a very young larva instar from the Lampyrinae subfamily, possibly the firefly adult is the one above…. 









….this is an older larva instar from the Lampyrinae subfamily….






……this may be a Luciolinae subfamily larva……







.…a little bit bigger instar…..




…..could this be the adult Luciolinae firefly….this is the female firefly with regular flashing…..






……….we saw two star worms tonight, both at a far distance from each other….. this is about 3.5 cm long…..




……….and finally on the way home, we came across this gigantic 8 cm Lamprigera firefly larva……








….grandpa and grandson taking photo of the firefly…..






So the tally tonight, lots of Lampyrinae fireflies (adults and larvae), a few Luciolinae (larvae and adults), 2 huge starworm larvae and a Lamprigera larva.

Thank you to Koon Hup and Marcua for their company.








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