Bukit Kiara Firefly Walk with the MNS Green Living Special Interest Group

16 Sept. 2017

About 50 MNS members (the walk is suitable for families with children) turned up on a warm, low humidity, cloudy and moonless night. Well the street lights were on, so we have to search for the fireflies instead. It was a good walk, most appreciate the firefly awareness and managed to spot the giant firefly which is aplenty, the starworm, and many other glowing and flashing fireflies.

Since the lights were on, we move to the shadow areas and peeked around, only three flaying and flashing (Luciolinae) with one glowing (Lampyrinae) around around and it was much drier than last month. However, up north in Penang Island, a flash flood covered many parts of the island. Notice how the weather changed very quickly nowadays…. A four-lined tree frog or Polypedates leucomystax croaking beside the embankment attracted one member with some frogging experience managed to catch it and showed us, before escaping on to someones’ head. One glowing firefly (Lampyrinae) was on the road. We did not use the light to check out the insect.

Many went ahead and went down a trail at the centerpoint, which I have never gone in before. It is a nice shady and path actually two paths. it is one of the Lamprigera site with larvae of 4cm and 10cm in sizes with glowing fireflies and even flashing ones and also glowing fungus.

10cm Lamprigera destined to be a female 4cm Lamprigera destined to be a ???, first time observed a small size larva

Lights went out as we moved towards the streams, caught a glimpse of a starworm on an embankment, and a brightly glowing light further away which could not be reached. And around this area, at least 2 more Lamprigera was spotted and one which is another 4cm long. Some flying glowing ad flashing fireflies were also spotted.

We turned back but another group went around the loop trail. They photographed a pretty starworm and Lamprigera and various flying fireflies along the road. Moving back to the car park, a few more flying fireflies were spotted.

It was quite an interesting night, with the sightings of many younger and older instars of the Lamprigera to ensure the succession for new generations of fireflies . However no adult females were observed.

Thank you to Ee Lynn, coordinator of the MNS Green Living SIG,  for organising and inviting me to tonight’s firefly walk.

Addendum: A week later Ee Lynn went into the trail and discovered various sizes of the Lamprigera larva. Photos courtesy from Ee Lynn’s faecbook.



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