This site is for anyone who wants to discuss and share their experiences about fireflies in Malaysia (and other countries as well), and of course know how to watch firefly ethically- Firefly Watching ethics.

Please feel free to post your sightings and photos here…..

If you have any anectodal stories, superstitions, myth, culture, song, art, photos, words, anything about firefly, feel free to share it.

a fireflyer

Sonny Wong


MNS Firefly and Habitat Conservation Initiative blog

Malaysian Nature Society




    • Dear En Khairul, congratulations to your community’s effort in setting up a firefly watching ecotourism.

      Thank you for your visit to this blogsite. This blogsite is for promoting firefly sites and public awareness on Malaysian fireflies.

      I will only put a link on the website provided that you dedicately look after the river mangrove habitat and the fireflies. Will that be ok? Please let me know.

      Please do read about the firefly watching ethics and understand it and if have any question please do ask me. Please give me your comments about the ethics.

      Maybe I would like to visit your operations. If you have any other questions please do contact me.


      • Kg Dew Fireflies Eco-tourism would like to thank Mr Casey Ng and Mr Andrew for their attend at our launching ceremony.

        We will follow their advises which is to conserve the nature, low impact development, good impression from the tourist ,well prepared and well trained.

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